Has the U.S. government made a deal with extra terrestrials?Edit

The government may have made a deal with extremely advanced aliens that visited sometime around the 1940's for technology to end World War II. The only condition was keeping the existence of these aliens a secret. This theory explains how the United States managed to develop the atomic bomb quickly enough to bomb the Japanese and then attack the Nazis.

This also explains how the U.S. managed to win the Cold War(isn't it odd how it's refered to this even though nobody actually fought anybody?). The U.S. had an advantage in all of these wars because they had more advanced technology than any other country in the world, but now that other countries are catching up the U.S. are losing its ability to keep up. They never had the knowledge to build the weapons on their own and now is at a massive disadvantage.

It is possible that one day the aliens may return, maybe even reveal themselves to everyone, and give us more technology or rule over us.